Freestyle Camps at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham – 5 Days – £290

2014 Dates:

  • Summer Camp – 4th-8th August 

To book email me at 


Our 5 day camps are limited to 5 people maximum. Water fees & camping fees are not included in the course fee.

We aim to help you get the best from your paddling with maximum enjoyment along the way.

I’ve spent the last 12 years  falling over in the cold to teach myself all the moves and skills required to be a World Champion and I love passing what I know on to others so they don’t have to take so long about it ;-)

I will be on the water paddling with you at least one session of every day & filming the other one.


All camps are tailored to the individuals needs but for most paddlers this will involve teaching you 2 or 3 new moves, improving the consistency of ones you can already do & helping you put together competition rides and put them into action.

Off the water i’ll teach you how to warm up properly, how to train to your potential, how to learn moves on your own, how to use video to help your progression and will talk in-depth about mental preparation, competition preparation and how to get the most from your playing.

All participants will get daily verbal feedback and video review daily.

All video footage taken can be copied and taken away also provided you bring a hard drive to copy it onto.


Lunchtime video review on a previous Hpp Camp last summer.

1-IMG_9951 3-IMG_0044  1-42-IMG_2252

To book email me at 

Individual Freestyle Coaching Sessions

I don’t go by time really rather by number of sessions on the water, and the best way i’ve found to coach people is to be on the water with them, so if you hire me it means i’ll be paddling with you.

If video is wanted, I’m quite happy to set up Go Pro’s and review the footage after paddling.

I charge £100 for 1 session (Usually 2 hours but as long as is needed) and £150 for two sessions. This includes a debrief and verbal feedback post session and a copy of any video from the session. (Please being a hard drive or memory card).

Contact me at if you want to book a session with me.


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