Bratislava Eurocup


We packed up all our stuff Monday morning at Plattling and set off to Bratislava to the WW course in Cunova. First thing notice when you get there is how much gradient there is on the course making it a great slalom facility I would imagine. The course is great fun to sprint down and has one nice little wave you can play on and a good hole to throw down in which was where the competition is to be.

The hole is very tiresome in that anything is possible but in order to do so you have to put your all into every move for it to work which makes it quite fun but energy sapping.

Leading up to the event we’ve been paddling quite intensively and training hard so on Thursday we did a morning session then went off to Bratislava for the rest of the day. A very beautiful city with lots of interesting buildings and sculptures which we walked around and looked at for a few hours before eating some traditional Slovakian soup and heading back to camp.

So one more day of training left and then its ON!


So after a hard week of training the weekend came around and the competition was ON! Some great runs went down with some great paddling from all the top placers. In the Mens Peter got 1st, me 2nd and Jan Spindler 3rd, In the ladies Nina was 1st, Katya 2nd :-), and Lenka Borovitka 3rd.

For me Peter Csonka always seemed to be 200 points ahead always one or two moves he would get I would miss or not throw so was trying very hard to match his sick runs which I’d been able to get in practice but couldn’t quite get it in the finals and Peter did have a superb last run of finals to get 1st so overall was happy with 2nd as the standard for the top 5 men was high with some great paddling been shown by all in training and in the competition.

For women’s Lenka who had won prelims was throwing some sick loops and cartwheels and Nina was paddling very consistently with loops, splits and cartwheels in most rides so Katya really had her work cut out to make top 3 with such consistent paddling. In practice she’d been kicking ass getting Airloops, Splits, Ends, Felix’s and even a few  Mc’Nasties so she knew she could do well if she even showed half of what she was capable of. In the comp she did good getting almost all of her run which got her just behind Nina Halasova.

After the event there was a small gathering with me, Katya, Seppi, Ingrid, Masha, Peter & the organisers for a small after party/ chill out at the boat house next to Peters school. Thanks to Brian the organiser we were all very well looked after with awesome dinner and breakfast and nice beds for the night to get us rested before driving to Lienz so huge thanks to him for such great hospitality!

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For full results check the event website


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