Lienz Eurocup


We arrived late monday night next to the hole at Lienz and pitched out tents right there, when we woke up in the morning and walked out of our tents we found ourselves in a very pretty Austrian town surrounded by snow topped mountains quite a change in scenery to Uganda where I was living the last 10 months and a very beautiful sight to wake up to!

The hole is fast and powerful and good fun to paddle in with big loops and all moves possible but not too easy as to make it boring. Only downside is how cold the water is! The first couple paddles there I felt dizzy and sick from not being acclimatized to cold water, luckily now the weather is sunny and I have got used to the hole which i am pleased about and both me and Katya enjoying paddling in the hole 🙂

The week we’ve been again training hard, enjoying a little cross training running in the nice surroundings. Paddling is going very good and me and Katya are more determined than ever to win this one! I’ve been consistently getting rides of loops, Nasties, Phonixs and the odd Whu or Orbit and Katya’s been styling with some nice big loops, splits and sequences of cleans so both feeling we can put together some nice rides for the event.


So the 3rd event in the Eurocup series began with beautiful weather and some great competition action from all over the field with some big rides getting thrown, a fun Cardboard Boat Race and nice evening in Lienz.

In the men’s I got 2nd in prelims & 3rd in Semi’s with Peter again leading throwing solid rides so I was anxious to show what I could really do in the Finals. 1st run was ok to begin with and 2nd was sure should have put me in 1st hitting Airloop, Nasties both ways and Phonix’s both ways but wasn’t scored one of my Phonix’s putting me 20 points behind trailing Simon and Peter so with one run to go I was pretty angry which actually worked pretty good in this hole getting a better ride which was good but wasn’t sure it would win so was still angry at myself as I was walking to the car when they announced I’d got 1st, Peter 2nd, Simon Strohmeier 3rd and then was instantly very happy! Training is working 😉

For the girls Katya and Nina again were fighting it out both paddling very good with Katya getting big loops and Nina nice technical rides, with Katya eventually getting 2nd with Nina in 1st and Ingrid Schlott in 3rd. Also Masha manage to get 9th with some good rides so our little team was pretty happy!

Also worth mentioning was the Teva Cardboard boat race they had in between semi’s and finals this is where general public build boats out of Cardboard and race them through the hole, not sure of the rules but very entertaining to watch!

In the evening there was a free dinner, drinks, prize giving and party where we got awarded our CASH prizes! Katya getting 125 euros and me 250 euros which was a nice surprise 🙂 after prize giving we had coffee and Ice cream and walked around Lienz and enjoyed some local culture which you can see in photos.

So now its back home to the Uk for a few weeks before coming out to Norway or Europe in August for Katya to train for worlds then after Worlds is one more Eurocup to see who takes the series win.

Pringle & Katya

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