Brit Champs & GBR Team Selection

Brit Champs

Last weekend was the British Championships and also the first event out of 3 to select the GBR team for the Europeans so leading up to the event I was training super hard to make sure I get to compete in Lienz next year and to reclaim the British title.

So after dropping Katya at Frankfurt airport on Sunday morning I set off back to the UK to get ready for the competition. I was anxious to get on the water with only one week to get used to the feature so Monday morning I got straight to it and got training in the hole, which was powerful, a little bit difficult to set-up but very fun to paddle in with all moves possible and some good airtime available. I was feeling strong with my paddling after training hard in Plattling so throughout the week I clocked up 14 sessions in preparation and was getting some great rides getting both Mc’Nasties, both Phonics’s, Loops, Orbits and Whu’s pretty consistently so was feeling good.

On the Saturday there was just the heats to do with 3 runs best 2 counting and the results for the heats counted as the result for our Europeans selection so actually more important to do well here than the whole Brit Champs.

I was in the 2nd heat and had ok rides scoring 1060 (best 2 rides added together) but wasn’t really satisfied as I had been getting rides way better in my practice so spent the rest of the day watching my competitors anxiously mentally calculating their scores too see if anyone would beat me. Fortunately for me I came in first, so great result on the selection front for as getting 1st here means I just need one more ok result and I’m all good for Lienz 🙂 That night I was feeling happy with the result but really wanted to show exactly what I could do so as I went to sleep I was feeling determined to get my whole run the next day.

On Sunday morning we had quarterfinals where I did better than the day before, still coming in first but not really the runs I wanted, leaving it to the final to strut my stuff.

The finals came and I was certain in my mind what my first run would go like and as I dropped in for my entry move the whole run just seemed to flow exactly as I wanted getting a score of 1050 in one ride, then with the pressure off I just enjoyed my 2nd ride trying to beat my own score getting close with 950ish so in my last ride I tried to do some combos and get some big air Godzillas and Nasties to finish the weekend with. So after a fun weekend I came in 1st in both selection and British Championships with Ed Smith getting 2nd and Sam Anderson 3rd. Great result & great weekend 🙂

Now I’m working & training hard again in Nottingham as well as organising our winter trips so check out our Trips page if you’d like to join us in Uganda 🙂

GBR Team Selection

The Uk Freestyle committee planned 3 events with the best 2 out of 3 choosing the team to compete in the Europeans & Worldcups next year.

So after getting home from Germany I set out paddling and training hard to ensure I get to compete in Lienz next year as I didn’t want to be on the side watching like I did at the Worlds this year.

The first event was held in a feature called “Twin Waves” at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham, which is actually one nice big hole thats not super easy but can give up some good runs. In the lead up to the event I did 14 sessions on the water to get my run down and get used to paddling at Holme Pierrepont again and was feeling super strong for the event. The heats were 3 runs best 2 count and these placings were what counted for Selection the Semi’s & Finals were only for the British Championships.  So I got 1st place in Selection and then in the Brit Champs i won with a ride scoring 1050points

(Which you can watch below thanks to Andy Calland 😉

Next event was held in the “Tardis” one month later also at HPP. This feature was much trickier and again was best 2 out of 3 rides. In practice I’d been consistently getting my run of Airloop, Nasty L, Nasty R, Phonics L, Lunar Orbit R, Whu R, Space God L and sometimes Backloop to finish.

In the event I managed to get most of my run but missed scoring my Tricky Whu’s getting the first end a little too flat but otherwise I was quite satisfied with my runs getting me 1st place with 1586 points.

This guarantees me 1st Position on the GB team and a place to compete at next years World Cups and Europeans…..Yes Please!

There is one more event at Hurley Weir happening this weekend that may or may not run due to low Water so this will decide the final positions of the team.

So now my time in the Uk is coming to an end 🙂 and its time to head back to being a Vidiot/ kayak coach on the the Nile, in Uganda. Katya gets in to Uganda the same day so looking forward to being at home in the warm paddling on some of my favourite spots with her and happy to catch up with my friends there.

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