White Nile Winter

Update 1

Back home to the Nile for the Winter back to warm weather, sick waves and some of the last moments paddling on the Silverback section before the Dam cuts it off 😦

Dam is coming on fast with lots of work been done in the last 6 months. The water is still quite low with Nile special running in the evening and Club in the morning. Highlight of the news around here is one young Hippo is currently living in the top section after being separated from its herd. It has been moving down eddy to eddy from the dam and was last seen in the eddy next to Horseback safaris (eddy around the backchannels) although I’ve not yet seen it whilst i’ve been videoing but keep looking out for it.

Along with myself  & Katya, Jon Best has come out to raft for the winter and Deuce from Canada and Julian from Switzerland are also here for a few months so there’s a good little paddling crew kicking around already!

Good to be back. We got here two weeks ago and have been getting set up again, bought a bodaboda (small motorbike) to get around on and have been getting back into Video-boating and sessioning Nile Special in my time off, whilst Katya’s just started to learn to ride our bike so she can get to Nile Special when I’m working.

Update 2

We’ve been back in Uganda for just over one month now, so what’s happened?

The crowd kicking about other than me & Katya is Jon Best from the Uk who is out here raft guiding for a few months, Deuce  from Canada who is out here for a couple months to escape the -30 canadian winter, Timmy Flowers Ugandan superstar who is back home for Christmas before heading to Australia to the Kimberly Expedition, Davey O’hare owner of NRE Video Productions (my boss), Julian Stocker from Switzerland, also escaping the cold along with a few other characters. So obviously with such a good group here there’s bound to have been some stories…

First up has been my re-nicknaming by Davey and Timmy due to me inactivity in the bar/ carnage/ f**k up stakes so they’ve re named me “Just James…” This been due to there disappointment  in Pringalingding who is currently said to be in hiding somewhere in deepest Kenya…..We’ll See id he’ll make a reappearance.

Speaking of F**K ups we should probably mention Jon Best who has been taking the reigns of NRE rafting legends Anton Immler and Jesse James Atkinson and has been causing carnage day in day out and gaining many a bedroom story along the way to add to the list of conquests on the wall of my old home the “Aids Banda…” Name explains all.

On a nicer note Julian has been missing in action for the last couple weeks after meeting his sweetheart from Finland and appears to be still wandering around hand in hand today so we’ll see what the New Year brings.

Since buying our motorbike Katya has been having a great time learning to ride and has been driving around down to the waves most days and even gave Nastya a lift the other day so seems to be doing well although it hasn’t been without mishap and the bikes been getting regular minor repairs from Katyas little crashes to keep Mohammed busy and making cash…

Speaking of making cash my job out here is making the rafting videos and so far has been going great with plenty action and sales everyday so I’m not minding the work. If it continues this way into the New Year I’ll be a happy boy!

Other highlights from the month have been seeing the Crocodile down at Bubuga falls for the first time despite having paddled past it over a couple hundred times, Firing a home made potato gun over the river to welcome in the new year and of course our sessioning Nile Special and Club Wave day in day out never gets that tiring…apart from the queue that is…

Paddling-wise I have always been good in a hole but have wanted to get my wave boating to the same level as my hole paddling and this trip its starting to come together and I’m feeling strong on the water stomping down solid big rides now. Katya after having a long break from wave paddling found it challenging at first getting back into wave riding but now after a few more sessions has got to a even greater level than before. For us we are preferring Club Wave at the current levels as NS is quite low angled. Move wise I’m working on Helix’s and backward moves currently and Katya is working on Airscrews and Helixs. How she says is that she’s copying Deuce for Helix and me for Airscrew, we’ll see how it works.

Happy New Year,

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Pringle or is it Just James now…


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