1686 Point Ride, GB Team Selection & Hurley Win!

Uk Competitions

Over the last month there have been 3 events.

Our British Champion will be decided on the results of the UK freestyle league series (4 events best 2 count) and this overall standings from this league will also count as 1 event out of 3 for our GBR team selection for the Worlds in Plattling next year.

First up for me I had the Uk freestyle League event held on the Inlet gate at Nottingham. Rides went great first ride I hit 1686 points getting all my moves (see Jonny Williams vid below) then had two rides at 940 and 1053 which gave my overall best 2 out of 3 score of 2740 points a win over Sam Anderson in 2nd of over 1000.

Then last weekend was our main selection weekend with 2 events one on Saturday, one on Sunday. Both features were very tough holes to compete in.

Saturdays was in the Twin Waves hole which is a very hard hole to setup in but can give you great runs. Saturday wasn’t my day I just didn’t feel right, I bodged up all 3 runs but still came in 6th but this would mean I’d need a good result on Sunday to make the team. 1st went to Junior just turned senior ripper James Weight, one to keep an eye on for sure!

Sunday came and I had a spring in my step and I couldn’t wait to get on the water and put things right and make up for my terrible performance on Saturday. Very tough hole, small and extremely flushy. Managed to hit some great runs with some huge bonuses also to take the win. Phew! was my first thought.

For the mens team the top 5 who get to go to Worlds currently is:-

1st – Sam Anderson

2nd- James Weight

3rd- Me

4th- Joe Bradley

5th- Alan Ward

The top 3 are safely on the team but Matty Nicholas and Jon Best could still knock out Alan and Joe with a 1st at the last league event at Hurley Weir in November.

So we still have one league event left to run at Hurley Weir in London. If I win it, I will be British Champion and will take top spot on the team also if not I think Sam will take it.

One thing for sure is it sure makes it a bit more exciting with this fighting and drama happening.

Lets get some rain & then bring on Hurley!

Hurley Selection

The 2010 season of competition finished this last weekend with the Hurley Weir League event & Hurley Classic on the Sunday.

The Saturdays League event would finish off the Uk freestyle league that decides our British Champion and counts towards the selection for the GBR team who get to compete at the Plattling worlds next year.

Due to lack of water there was no practice before the event as the weir was shut until the comp started. Again due to little water in the Thames the weir could only be opened up to 1.5 gates providing a flushy wave.

It was a long time since I last paddled Hurley and never at this level, so I was not really confidant going into it. I decided on a very conservative run to make sure I got some points and tried to minimize my chances of flushing. I managed a 7th which I was alright with considering I hadn’t got a chance to practice. Locals Scott Simmonds and Alan Ward took 1st & 2nd places showing good consistent runs.

The Saturday results finished off the Selection & Brit Champs League series. I finished 3rd overall in the League with Matty Nicholas 2nd and Sam Anderson 1st. This gives Sam the Brit Champ title so well done to him.

Then for Selection I finished joint first getting the top spot with Sam Anderson. The GBR team going to Plattling has quite a few new members and accross all categories I think we’re very strong and we have some great people working with us so I am very hopeful for some good results from everyone in Plattling.

On the Sunday Jacko from Kayakojacko organized the Hurley Classic event and did ann awesome job of it too. A great format for the flushy wave of 25 minute heats best four moves scoring. I was skeptical of the format beforehand but it actually worked brilliantly. It meant paddlers got the chance to get used to the wave during there slot and actually see what they can get. I had a great time and really got the feel for the wave. I got 1st place with 480 points scoring Back Panam, Mc’Nasty, and 2x Airscrews so I was really happy to get the win and really enjoyed the event. Katya had been hitting back panam’s in her practice before her heat and did get one in her run but didn’t score it. She still took a 2nd place finish and got a wicked Sweet Cag as a prize 🙂

Overall a great year of events and a sweet way to finish it off with wins at Hurley and in Selection. Now were resting a little for the next week or so then we’re going to be back into training to prepare for next season.

James Bebbington


About James Bebbington

2011 ICF World Freestyle Kayak Champion & 2011 ICF World Cup Freestyle Kayak Champion Passionate about Kayaking, Travel, Nature, Dreams, Raw Food & the Beauty of Life. Don't give up on your dreams, listen to your heart!
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