Thailand and Bali – Wedding!

Already this year was the best of my life, but it got to a whole new level a few weeks ago. I finally married the girl I loved from first sight!

We decided to get married a long time ago but we had first to beat all the issues & complications of an International marriage and finally we did this, so we came to bring our families to Thailand to celebrate with us.

Our parents had never met before, so we decided to make it a week long holiday for them in a place we and they had both never been before. It had to be warm, with ocean, lots of fruits, more beautiful nature and less people. That is why we chose Phi-Phi Island in Thailand and arrived two weeks before our families to surf a bit, plan everything and find the best location for ceremony.

We decided if we make a ceremony make it our way & by our self: simple and personal. We designed rings combining our ideas with Katyas art skills, she also made dress herself. We wrote the text of the ceremony for Katya’s sister to read. Once on the island we searched all over and found the site out of our imagination rather than reality when we climbed out from the jungle that covers most of the area onto a clean beautiful beach with a coral reef just 15m out.

First though as is Russian tradition I had to do a quest to win my Bride from her family so its not too easy, I had to learn many Russian words for it! Katya’s sister Toma orchestrated the ceremony and my brother held out the rings for us, Toma’s husband took a few good pictures of us getting married, but as soon as we done we played with camera ourself.

Dinner of tropical fruits and seafood on a beach was accompanied by Mother Nature celebration – we were given a huge storm and unusually high tide, which in Russian superstition especially good signs of wealth and fertility. This week with families brought everyone closer together and Rita (Katya’s niece) even cried when we had to leave. Families went home, but we didn’t!

We flew to Bali to explore new country and do some more surfing. Bali turned our to be one of the most beautiful and most welcoming place we ever been to. Paradise like landscapes, world class surf all over the place, big variety of tastiest fruits, rich ancient culture, magnificent birds and wild life, community with a high level of awareness and peaceful atmosphere make us seriously consider Bali as future home.

Pringle & Katya

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About James Bebbington

2011 ICF World Freestyle Kayak Champion & 2011 ICF World Cup Freestyle Kayak Champion Passionate about Kayaking, Travel, Nature, Dreams, Raw Food & the Beauty of Life. Don't give up on your dreams, listen to your heart!
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6 Responses to Thailand and Bali – Wedding!

  1. Congratulations! Your photographs are beautiful. It looks as though you both had a magical time.

  2. Stu Fish says:

    Excellent!!! Katya you look amazing am super happy for you both, well done x x

  3. Kayakers from KZ says:

    Поздравляем!!! Долгих лет жизни и много, много счастья!!!

  4. Ivan Dergunov says:

    Be HAPPY. Don’t worry. See you on rivers…. :))))))))))

  5. CHRIS SIZER says:

    Congratulations and Celebrations!

    Goodtimes ahead, see you on the river

  6. captures everything!!..Congrats, wishing you both the best in life..

    Thailand is a jewel for exotic wedding destinations.

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