London 2012 Olympics – Freestyle Demonstrations

Durng the London 2012 Olympics it’s not just been Slalom going on at the Lee Valley Whitewater centre…

Myself, Claire O’hara, Uganda’s Juma Kalikwani, Japan’s Motoko Ishida, New Zealand’s Courtney Kerin, and USA’s Dane Jackson have all been part of  team putting on freestyle kayaking displays between the slalom races.

The aim to show freestyle to as many people as possible, get more kids into it and try to raise the sports profile as a whole (and have a good time doing it).

Today will be the last show we’ll put on so keep an eye on the TV between the finals and medals and you might grab a glimpse of the others 🙂 Unfortunately, I’m out of action with a broken collarbone after the 2nd day, having stacked it skateboarding back to the hotel after our show. Hoping to be back on the water for World Cups.

Been here at the Olympics has been an exciting, fascinating and great experience. We had such a fun time with our team and was sad to drive home yesterday.

Getting to see how all the various slalom athletes put themselves together trying to show their best, cheering them on and feeling the electric atmosphere has been amazing. The opening ceremony was like nothing I’ve ever been to, I was very impressed.

Anyway, here are some more photos of our time showing off Freestyle Kayaking and keep an eye out for the others this afternoon as they put on the last show.


P.S. Thanks to Claire, Sportscene and Terry Best for the additional photos…and an additional thanks to Shred Ready Helmets/ System X for providing me with the helmet for the Displays 🙂

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About James Bebbington

2011 ICF World Freestyle Kayak Champion & 2011 ICF World Cup Freestyle Kayak Champion Passionate about Kayaking, Travel, Nature, Dreams, Raw Food & the Beauty of Life. Don't give up on your dreams, listen to your heart!
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