Katya Kulkova

Name: Katya Kulkova

Born: Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia

Occupation: Professional Artist

How I started:

I always loved water, but it was no kayak club or any way how i could see and learn kayaking in our 1.5 million people city at the time. So i started go down river on catamarans and rafts with bunch of friends and ended up in women’s rafting team. We was training on rafts in a pool in winter, competing in spring and work sometimes as a raft guides on Katun’ river in summer. We wasn’t a great team, every time going down rapids was scary – we flipped a lot. If 6 people paddle each in different direction on a same raft, there is not much you can do, so i wished i was alone in a boat.

Fortunately we had old 4m kayak in our raft club. Me with my rafting mates played with it till we all learned how to roll and broke it shortly after. We ordered on internet our own kayaks and left rafting. After half year waiting i started my own kayaking life – it was summer 2004.

Every next summer – 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 – i being spending on Altay rivers, also visited Kazahkstan and Kirgistan for kayaking. It was a wonderful time everyday on a river with friends in savage lands leaning how to kayak properly on a proper whitewater. The only thing – every time it lasted about 4 month – season is short in Russia, there are no water in a winter – only ice.

I was at university that time, which means you have no time and no money to travel in a winter. So when i finished it in 2007 i went for first time in Uganda for just 3 weeks.

In Uganda i fell in love with freestyle and come back in couple months again! Next winter 2008-2009 i went to Uganda for 5.5 months and since then could not stop surfing.

I also met in Uganda Pringle and since when we travel, compete and kayak. I’ve spent little time in Russia since then, mostly only going back to get new visa and do selections some times.

Last winter we didn’t go to Uganda for a change and spend half of it in Uk. It turned out to be a perfect training for hole kayaking, i learned some real expensive moves and now able to perform them under competition pressure. After we went to Spain, to Canada on Whitewater Grand Prix, to Plattling for Worlds, which Pringle won! But about all this and everything else you can read on our blog..

My Profession:

Also i am an artist, i been studying it for 13 years and since i was kid knew i will be traveling artist! I do my arts from time to time, to make some money or for different reasons :). Big ones when i am not kayaking and based somewhere like a “home” and small ones, which i can do even in a back of a van.

My Philosophy:

My life constantly gets better every year and i looking forward to see tomorrow every time i go to sleep!

I very interested in finding new ways of life, which usually turn out to be very old ones but lost in modern world lifestyle. Last year i discovered “raw food” – its then you eat only raw(not processed in any way): fruits, vegetables, nuts and whatever you want to eat raw and not die or throw up. This diet works so good for me and suits sport&travel lifestyle because you don’t have to cook and carry stove, gas and other useless stuff around the world.


Since i started kayaking i figured i have a talent for this. I had pretty serous education in arts, now i am having it in kayaking. I learning how to do big moves, i always like to try new things, and learning how to perform them in competitions. I concentrate now on bringing out my best . I improve very fast and i very determined to show how good i can paddle and how big i can go.

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International Competition Results:

-2011 – 7th – ICF Freestyle World Championship

-2011 – 2nd – Grand Prix 2011 in Canada – 1st in 2 stages

– 2010 – 2nd -Hurley Classic 2010 UK

– 2010 – 5th -European Championship in Lienz

– 2010 – 6th -World Cup 2010 in Augsburg

– 2010 – 1st – Graz Rodeo 2010, Austria

– 2009 – 17th ICF Freestyle World Championship, Thun

– 2009 – 2nd Euro Cup Series

-3x Russian Kayak Team Member


For More Information on Katya or to ask her a question:- Email:  K_cat2000@mail.ru


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