Raw Food Vegan Diet

We (Katya&Pringle) eat raw, what is it and why?

By Katya Kulkova 2011.

“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.”– Hippocrates

Raw Food is a natural way of living, when you eat only suitable for our human bodies food in it natural raw state. Any cooked or processed in any way food or drink (like marinated, conserved, microwaved, alcoholised, dried with a heat, salted for more than a few hours and etc) – is not raw. Also dairy & meat products consider as not suitable for our body, as they cause a harmful decay reactions in our human digestive system.

We eat:

Mainly – all kinds of fruits & berries, but also vegetables, nuts, herbs, honey rarely. We prefer organic.

How/why I started eat raw?

I was starting to get fat. I was kayaking every day for 4-5 hours, ate normally, but still felt I get fatter and bigger. I also felt hungry all the time. I thought – it’s not normal, we not meant to put weight with age and feel hungry after meal. So I started research and find raw food. I tried and lost fat very quickly, but when I started eat cooked again everything came back. Now I am on raw all the time and feel – this is new level of life. See benefits chapter below.

I lost 6.5 kg from 1 year ago, last time I weighted 56.5 kilos when I was 17!. And I not get this male looking mussels growing on my shoulders anymore, but kayaking even better and feel more energy for it.

Science behind raw food.

All kinds of raw plants, fruits, animals contain enzymes. This ferments help to turn plant/animal into earth when it dies. Enzymes also increase the rate of chemical reaction in digesting process, when you eat this plant/animal. This ferments very easily distractible in >46C(115F) temperature, and not live long in alcohol, acid, salt. Without them our digestive system cannot digest anything. How everyone alive then?

Our body have their own stock of enzymes, in case of emergency, so we can survive on any food for some time. This is what you use to digest cooked food every day. But reserve is limited. When you young you have lots of it and you look good, can eat everything and feel fine. After 25-27 years its getting noticeably lower and you start to age/put on weight. After 40-50 your enzyme stock low, your body struggle to digest, so people get chronic diseases, salt/fat deposits, age faster. Problems increase with years. When you body cannot cope with all this it dies. Cooking kills not only enzymes, but vitamins too and change chemical bonds in food, so it is even harder to break down and it is not the same food any more. Sometimes (like in fried oil) processing food creates poisons.

All this stuff cause toxins, that accumulate in human body with years and make quality of life lower & length of life shorter. Not to mention GMO and all this chemicals modern industry puts in food to give it color, taste, consistency, long life and other artificial qualities.

It’s all different when you eat raw & organic– you keep your enzymes for yourself, food enzymes help digest every raw food you eat. Your body clean and has energy and time to do other things in life, like dealing with viruses/injuries, cleaning processes, sport, having babies, thinking and creating. You don’t spend your precious health on food anymore.

You can read all kind of scientific researches about raw food – there are plenty information in internet and some of the links below.


Any diet that consistently leaves you hungry is not a diet you want to be on. It is not healthy for you as your body tells you it lacks in some nutrition.

There are some needs in your body, which had to be filled. Have you ever noticed that even after large dinners that fill you stomach you’re still craving something? More often that something is sweet, so you eat dessert to satisfy you. That should make you think!

Our body designed to run of simple sugars, and only plenty of simple sugars from fruit will fill that nagging hunger or craving for something that stays with you. We developed as a kind in tropical environment and it is natural for humans to live of sweet fruits. It’s the only food we don’t wish to put salt/paper/sugar on, because taste of it satisfies our senses.

More about craving&hunger and how to get rid of them here http://www.raw-food-health.net/CravingControl.html

Some information of hunger above cited from here http://www.raw-food-health.net/RawFoodDiet.html#axzz1WxPwOWBs

It’s all would not mean too much, if i would not experience it on myself. I always had this hunger in a past even after big dinner and in between meals. This hunger make people not able to resist and we end up eating more calories/fat/proteins that we need, but still not get enough nutrition. Also we easily get addicted to sweets & chocolate. Even more you can see it on kids, whose need in nutrition and sugar is especially high. We do meant to get sugars, but from fruits!

Now i do not get hunger on fruit/veg diet anymore! I never feel like starving or weak, even i didn’t eat for a day. I don’t feel sick in afternoon if i not eaten breakfast, as i used to. I eat when i feel like eating, and as much as i want. I stop eating not when food is finished, but when i feel i don’t want any more.

By listening your body&mind and questioning source of its dissatisfaction you can find your own natural way of life, which would help open your unique talents and reach your full potential.

How I see what is my food?

Animals don’t cook, why we do? I think we did it at first because some kind of disaster happened, like ice age or something, so there was no normal food available. It was necessary at the time to cook, but not anymore. Our digestive system being developing for millions of years, but cooking history is only a thousands. We are still same animal in our stomach and intestines. So what is our natural food?

It is easy when you ask yourself – What do we like to eat as an animals?. Do you feel salivation when you see&smell raw meat and blood? Predators do. Do you enjoy taste of fresh blood & meat raw with no salt or spices? Do you like to kill rabbit/bird/zebra with your bare hands and bite it, ripping in to skin with your bare teethes? Do you like to eat it all including insides and skin? Predators do and they very enjoy it. Can you catch it for beginning often enough to survive? Predators can. They also have stomach acid 5-20 times stronger than human one, so they can digest meat and even bones fine. They have shorter intestines than we, so meat can go out before it go bad. Teethes and other tools to catch.

What can we eat then? Do you like smell&look of ripe fruit – mango, cherry, apple, banana, orange, pineapple etc? Do you like taste? Do you want to put salt or pepper on it? Would you prefer it to raw meat? Is it easier to catch? Are your hands & teethes suitable for picking, caring, peeling, biting it? Fruit do appeal to us naturally: smell, taste, look, consistency. Size suits our hands. Not sure grains is our food – they suit birds more, who have beaks to pick.

About milk. Do any other grown up animals drink milk? Milk is for babies. Mother’s breasts produce certain amount and combination of nutrients for this exact baby, milk changes it chemical composition every week as baby growing. Chemical composition in different animal milk is different, and answers to the specific needs of the certain kind of animal. Cow’s milk contains cow’s growing hormones and suitable only for baby cows, human milk suitable only for baby humans – this is natural. None of the animals drink someone else’s milk, apart from humans. Cow’s and goat’s milk rich in casein – so they can grow horns and hoofs, but we don’t need it and our body struggle with big amounts of casein. Cow’s Milk cause large amount of disease for humans as diabetes type-1, asthma, osteoporosis, cancer, acne, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. Same goes to all dairy products. We should be especially aware of milk effects on a child’s body. Cow’s milk does not help grow bones, but kids get low IQ, diabetes type-1, obesity, lungs full of mucus which causes asthma, colds, infections and runny nose. Learn more about milk:





What do we need tongue for?

Going on a cooked food caused big confusion in human body. We don’t use our senses to test if food is eatable and if we like it. We can cook old, bad or not tasty food, mix with salt/spices/sugar and eat it anyway. Everything you don’t like to taste raw with no salt/spice you probably don’t meant to eat! Your tongue is important smart organ – it suppose to recognise nutritional/poisonous/ripe/green/bad/other qualities of food. It suppose to prevent going in useless foods – you would not like the taste, and finding what is answers to your immediate needs. By processing food we create new chemical bonds in food, we make not natural chemical compounds and eat it. Our senses do not recognize poisons because this food does not exist in nature.

Wild animals do not have human’s diseases, but dogs, cats do if we feed them cooked/pet food. Why?

Social and environmental crisis of cooked foods.

We are 97% what we eat! Toxic waste of cooked food stores in our body over the years and befogs our mind, so you cannot think clearly and don’t want question things. At the moment Cooked food is an addiction – the biggest humanity ever had. It cause not only all kinds of health problems beginning from baby’s caught and simple cold to cancer, diabetes and heart diseases, but also cause social and environmental problems.

Cooked food toxins blunt you creativity and senses. So we get large amount of people who do not want create and not sense that this is the reason they unhappy and feel no purpose.

We don’t feel the connection to the earth and other creatures, we get aggressive and moody, so we harm earth and each other, without hesitation.

We not hear intuition as you naturally meant to for making right decisions in you life. As a result large amount of people not satisfied with their life and don’t know what they want.

All this abilities atrophy in sick full of toxins body – as body of normal modern human is. That’s how we got to this social, environmental and spiritual crisis. Polluting the planet starts from polluting your own body.

If you have strength to overcome addiction of cooked foods & artificial drinks your life will be different. All this lost qualities of human mind come back along with perfect health and new energy level. You can raise level of you awareness by only changing your eating habits.

Benefits of raw food:

Why didn’t people go on raw long time ago if it so good for health and environment? Question similar to: Why don’t we go to sustainable energy if it’s so obviously better? Why people still smoke if it kills? Why drink alcohol if it destroys your life? Food one of the biggest industries in the world and keep advertise itself though doctors, politicians, books, media. People don’t like to hear they wrong, and ignore information which proves that. Breaking though common stereotypes requires good effort and strong motivation, but benefits of natural living worth all struggle.

Benefits of raw food for your body:

You don’t feel hunger. You still feel like eating, when it’s time, but no obsession, nervousness, craving, you don’t feel it in your stomach or throat. You can go without food for long time and feel fine and energized. You not addicted to any kind of food.

You get energized. You wake up in good mood and feel full of energy. You run, jump, do sports with ease, your endurance increase. You not feel tired or sleepy. You feel light after food.

You not get sick. All this things do not exist in raw food world : Cancer, malaria, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, acne, migraines, colds, tonsillitis&laryngitis and etc, all kinds of pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, colitis, diverticulitis, Candida, serious allergies, depression, anxiety, mood swings, heartburn, gas, bowel obstruction, bloating, skin diseases, obesity, chronic fatigue and many more.

If you are sick now you can recover from any kind of disease. I got rid of allergy, which i had for years as irritation on my hand skin.There are clinics and doctors who successfully treat Cancer by using raw fruit, vegetables and raw juices diet. Read inspiring article by Dr. KIRSTINE NOLFI (Denmark) who successfully treated Cancer and saved her own life by going raw. Originally published around 1950.. http://www.bibleplus.org/health/rawfood.htm

History of healing from cancer on raw food has hundreds of cases. You can easily find many of them in google.

Condition of not getting sick coming after some time 1-12 months depending of you age, weight and body condition. If you had some chronic diseases, they usually coming back in first 1-3 month on raw food. Do not be alarmed – your body finally have energy to deal this old problems and after short crisis they will leave you forever (if you stay raw).

Your body recovers fast. All injuries will heal faster, when normally. Your muscles recover from exercise fast, so chance to stretch, tore, dislocate something less.

Lose fat, but eat as much as you want. Also if you too skinny – you will get to your normal body weight after some time on raw diet. I lost 6,5 kilos. Pringle put a few kilos on.

You not age. You live long high quality life in young body.

You save time, money and energy! Don’t need to cook, don’t need to clean&buy pans/pots/stoves, gas and carry all this with you if you travel. Raw food does cost cheaper, but main savings will be on medicine and doctors for whole your life.

You sleep less and eat less.

You start to feel chemicals in food, cosmetic, home products, so you probably will go organic soon anyway.

You body do not stink. Your feet, your mouth in the morning , your sweat lose its odor.

You unfold your true potential in sport, look, health and all other areas of your life.

Benefits of raw food for your mind( what we noticed):

Along with body your mind gets clean. You see things how they are, you feel your purpose, you know what you want, understand who you are. No one can trick you into doing something you don’t want.

You can hear your intuition and make right, decisions in your life.

You get happy and energized. You look forward to every day you live, see new goals and possibilities every day. You remain in positive attitude most of the time naturally. Forget depression.

You feel connected to the earth and all creatures. You get sensitive – feel someone else’s pain and joy. You would not harm earth or anyone on it. You live in tune with environment.

Your memory better, you think faster and clearly.

You stop fight with your loved ones. You don’t feel aggressive anymore. Your family/friends relationships get close and healthier.

You get creative.

You unfold your true potential in all areas of our life: spiritual, emotional, self-realization.

You save planet. Can you imagine if all people go on raw food, how much energy we save on cooking, growing grains, animal food and animals? How much land will be free if we not grow grains and animals? What if we plant fruit trees instead? How will change industry with no artificial food, animal killing, drinks&drugs required? What kind of future could happen if even half of us recognize their purpose in life? What level of awareness could we have as humanity? I believe this future is not what far. 1% of population on raw will turn all population on natural living. In order to be able to change the way humanity going and fix the pollution we caused so far we need to lift up awareness of a human kind. I see Raw food as the easiest way to do so.



http://www.raw-food-health.net/StefaniaLicari.html – Interview with a Raw Food Marathon Runner

http://www.amazon.com/80-10-Diet/dp/1893831248 – Book on the 80-10-10 Diet



2 Responses to Raw Food Vegan Diet

  1. Daniel Herzig says:

    Sounds like love 🙂

    Heartfelt congratulations,
    and all the best for you two!

  2. Chris Heffer says:

    I haven’t totally embraced this idea but I bought a juicer and chuck all kinds of stuff in there raw that would never normally eat. It makes things I don’t like or want to eat taste ok and it makes good stuff taste better. Drop me a line next time your down the LVWWC and I’ll whip you up a juice!

    Congrats on the wedding it looked so cool!

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