Pringle’s Thinking

3 years ago I was a very different person, I thought I was having a good time, but felt no purpose, a bit lost, not satisfied and didn’t understand why I feel all this. I was very self destructive in this time and even I couldn’t see things clearly I knew I wanted something to change to get back on the path to my dreams.

A few things happened to me to help me along this process, the first was meeting Katya, she helped me to stop pretending to be someone I wasn’t, to show my real self and helped me to develop my talents, interests and to open my mind and see the World around me clearly.

I began to Kayak again for fun rather than just video boating. I stopped to drink alcohol so much and began to eat healthier.We started finding out more about our world, mind and nature. We left Uganda, travelled and competed in Europe, Both our Kayaking skills flourished. Katya started to do her Arts again, I began to enjoy making films and photos again and get focused in competition.

We discovered quite a few things in this time, the main ones:

-If you open your mind and do not judge  – life gets better.

-“Reality Transurfing” – technique for making life go the way you want (see books below)

-“Raw Food”- The biggest discovery of all, which changed everything from how you look to how you think and see reality. It’s not only completely change your opinion on health & medicine, It cleans you mind and give you energy to go your own way.


-Importance of being in tune with Nature.

A little more about Raw Food. It’s style of living on natural raw plants sourced foods, without cooking or processing it in any way. Katya discovered it in 2010, reading “Reality Transurfing” and felt like it is right way to go. She started to move on it slowly since then. I took a bit of time to do my own research on it before I went completely on Raw Food in February 2011. The 1st month was hard to get over my addiction to cooked food, but then I started to feel so full of life, I could think clearly, my body started to work better and I had so much more energy to kayak, there wasn’t any turning back.

Having done it since February and after a lot of reading, research and personal experimentation, I feel how absurd it is to eat cooked foods now, eating Raw is obviously the natural way of life, as all other species do!

Most sportsmen wouldn’t believe you can perform well in sport without meat, pasta or cooked foods, they are however mistaken. I Kayak over 300 days a year, can paddle 8 hours a day, 7 days a week and feel great. My body recovers so quick, I’m full of energy and I guess it worlds since I won a World Championships using this diet too…;-)

I also find my mind works much more clearly, you begin to see things in real, know what you doing and why, hear your intuition. I feel happier and more uplifted. On the times when I have had to eat cooked food (like in Canada), particularly meat I felt aggressive, moody & unhappy in mind and sick&tired in body. A really useful book on the Raw Food Diet is the “80-10-10 diet” by Douglas Graham. Read more in RawFood page.

My values changed and now I see how wrong things are in the Uk: how money relations replace human relationships, how people get lost in artificial values. It helped me realize the importance of family,  community and the succession of generations, nature, finding your unique talents in life, following your intuition and heart on decisions and living life more in tune with our environment.

Watch the Zeitgeist Movies and the Green Beautiful Movie below and find out and question as much as you can about the World we live in.

The final discovery I had this year right before Worlds was meditation. I can say 100% that without meditating I am pretty certain I wouldn’t have won Worlds this year. I used it at the time to calm myself, clear my head, feel love and to visualise my runs and success. Now I use it for much more and have found it to greatly help, I have only scraped the surface with this so far but I want to find out much more and improve in this area.

Good book I found that will help you in life is “The 7 Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra. Explains simply what mind set you need for success and importance of meditation. Another great book explains Meditation from the Eastern mind to the Western mind is:- “Surfing the Himalayas” by Frederick Lenz

I enjoy growing, learning and developing my talents constantly. I’m certainly much more intone with myself and nature, but I have a great deal more to learn and develop.

My one piece of advice:- Follow your heart and don’t be afraid to be different!

Everyone has his own path to follow, hopefully some of the stuff below will open your mind and help you improve your life and our World.

James Bebbington 2011





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