Why be Vegetarian/ Vegan?

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So myself and Katya are both Raw Vegans. It’s not like we just switched in one day it’s been a journey of two years so far.

My Dad’s dad was a Butcher and my Mum’s dad was a Cattle Farmer so it’s pretty ironic really…but I was raised by my parents to enjoy nature and they’ve always let me make my own choices on my lifestyle. When I was a child of about 6 or 7 I chose to be a vegetarian for the simple reason I didn’t like the thought that Animals had to die to feed me.

Then in my teens I went back to a ‘normal’ meat eating diet, as I stopped caring for my fellow creatures and my environment. I guess I got caught by the snares of meat eating, alcohol & general ignorance and lived with my head under the sand until this last 3 years when I’ve opened my eyes again.

Now I eat raw food for the health benefit: I want to live a long long life & I want to perform at my best in the spors I do for as long as possible & I believe that eating raw is the best way to do this.

What do I eat? Well I mostly eat fruits (Mangoes & Durian being my fav’s) & berries, with occasional sun dried fruits and raw nuts. Then probably once a day i’ll eat a leafy salad  or some Avocado. I try to buy organic where possible but I dream to have some land to grow my own soon.

On a wider context being Vegan/ Vegetarian has much greater benefits to Animals & our environment than I could have imagined. Below is a great video that says my thoughts in a much more coherent way than I can 😉

Anyway, I hope you get something from my little ramblings, I just wish the senseless killing of Animals to stop, regardless of any health benefits, we have a choice, we don’t NEED to eat meat, so why do 750,000+ animals have to get slaughtered every year in the UK just to feed our gluttony?

Imagine how much better the World would be if the vast amounts of land currently used for meat production was returned to it’s natural ways & forests stopped getting hacked down to give more space to feed our expanding guts. It takes far less land and resources to provide vegan/ veggie food and if people lived off a Raw diet even less land is needed, even better would be if we could all grow our own…

I like to think of myself as a doper…Just I dope on Raw Fruit, it really is that much of performance advantage 😉



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